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Experience the reasons TQINet has a growing list of small, medium and large clients who have chosen to work with TQINet since 1995. TQI provides IT services and computer network solutions to businesses of all sizes.

We specialize in saving you TIME, MONEY, & MANPOWER!


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Technology Infrastructure Provider

How do you measure Return on Investment (ROI)?

Our managed business solutions save you time by setting up an efficient technology infrastructure. This allows you to save measurable time in your back office, in the field, with your customers, and in your product development.

We measure our effectiveness by your improved effectiveness. Efficiency and productivity throughout your processes are our deliverables. TQINet is confident that we can help you improve your business with the IT solutions and programming services that we provide.

Two ways we measure ROI is in customer savings and top-line growth.

  • We help companies like yours do more with less.
  • We maximize Reductions in Force (RIF).
  • We streamline the ways your company goes to market and grows your market share.
  • We turn you on to higher margins through 6-Sigma deliverables.

So, how far can you slash and cut but still maintain quality control, effectiveness maintenance and support levels, and stay on top of regulatory compliance?

TQINet’s core competencies focus on bringing about efficiency and effectiveness to your business locally and globally even while manpower is at it’s lowest.

We fill the gaps with excellence while saving you time, money and manpower with our total IT solutions.



In a world of technology ...... we offer a world of solutions! 


"Yours to Count On"